Last-Minute Gifting Options from Goes Beyond Gift Cards – It’s Not Too Late to Send Any Special Gift This Holiday

Last-Minute Gifting Options from Goes Beyond Gift Cards – It’s Not Too Late to Send Any Special Gift This Holiday

For many years, $25-100 electronic gift cards have been the default, and only, last-minute gift giving solution. Now with, no matter how last-minute, one can purchase and send the gift notification via email and include a personal video, ecard or printable message.

This holiday season, is removing the stress and challenges of last-minute gift giving with their innovative online solutions. At, one can buy a gift or gift card online, or in stores; then email a gift notification such as a webcam recording, an eCard, or printable certificate to let the recipient know the gift is on the way.

The popularity of electronic gift card purchases has grown according to the NRF, but continues to be viewed by older customers as impersonal and done without much thought. The benefit to the instantaneous electronic gift cards is getting “something” sent in time for a gift occasion; however the perceived impersonal nature diminishes the overall gift experience for older consumers. Younger consumers like giving and receiving gift cards, but the personalization of those remains quite limited. The eCardGiftNotice solutions can be used to create meaningful and personal messaging to go with the flexibility of those cards.

eCardGiftNotice has personalized and expedited the gifting process for any and all gifts one would want to send to anyone too far away to hand deliver.

Other benefits of utilizing eCardGiftNotice include:

  •     solutions to backordered items and pre-ordered gifts
  •     emailed notices of gifts sent to loved ones in the military deployed overseas
  •     gift arrival solution for long shipping lead times
  •     avoided expensive expedited shipping charges
  •     avoided challenges of perishable food shipments sitting if the recipient is unaware they were being shipped
  •     printable options also allow for instant hand-delivered gift giving
  •     any gift tag or card can also include a “short link” to a video gift message right on the package

About eCardGiftNotice: Founded in 2000 to help personalize gift giving from online purchases, it has been providing eCard and printable gift notices on top retail sites. This holiday season, the company added WebCam options and is making the service free to all consumers through a wide range of top brands in online retail.

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