Retailer Programs

Several options make our WebCam and eCard Gift Notice services available to ANY Retailer, ranging from just adding the link to your site to allow its easy access by your gift buyers, or simply having us join your affiliate network which also gets you listed in our Go Shopping area, to having the service offered totally in your brand, integrated into your check-out or as a simple link and bringing all recipients back to your home page. Contact us in the Retailer Section to become a part of our growing network of partner retail sites. Below is a chart of what some of the biggest online brands have built and provide internally vs. what we make available to you through eCardGiftNotice:

TOP LEVEL – Customized hosted service in the Retailer’s brand that can be integrated into check-out, or created and emailed after purchase has been completed. Access can also be printed on that companies packing slip messaging when integrated before order is complete, includes Call Center, Vanity Link and fully branded for that retailer with full admin management tools and gift notice selection. In addition, the Recipients are brought back to the retailer after viewing their gift notice for shopping and or opt-in. Custom eCards can also be created for a nominal fee.

This level of retailer is promoted in the first group of options for Gift Shopping at if offering all three options of gift notices promoted on our site. eCard, Webcam and photo, and Certificates and Printed.

Contact us for Pricing

SECOND LEVEL – Typically small to mid size retailers – (Must have Affiliate Commission Program). $100 Activation/License Fee, then .25 per gift notice billed January 15th each calendar year, along with the following year’s $100 annual license. We also join the Affiliate Program for commissions from Go Shopping and Recipient Links.  Retailer provides in sign-up:
1/ website name / url
1.a. Short Website description, gifts sold
2/ Authorized Company Officer Name:
3/ Contact email address for officer
4/ Link to Affiliate Program sign up
5/ Agree to Terms of Use

The features we will be able to offer at launch are:

Basic Setup (retailer in the dropdown and customized logo landing page for their shoppers)
Logo customization on our skin for Recipient View – assorted artwork and video links to promote availability on the retailer’s site
Recipient affiliate link back to retailer after viewing

We can offer in Version 2.0 in 2014:
Post over Shopping cart integration (pass item, name, description and image path into the form)
custom color skin
custom card selection and client admin site.

THIRD LEVEL – FREE – Retailers and Charities Link to our site to use and promote the FREE Gift Messaging. Sign up to get your link and access to the artwork and instruction videos, to post on your site, etc. Makes Gift Messaging memorable and solves Last-Minute Gifting issues allowing more gift sales or donatins right up to the event.  Recipient links back to eCardGiftNotice after viewing.  You may also sign up for us to add you as an Affiliate.

Add this link to your Order Confirmation Page, Gift Services or emailed Order Confirmation, or all three.  Its FREE:

AFFILIATE ONLY – You don’t even have to add our link or service to your site; just let our users shop with you. We will list you in our Go Shopping Area, have our users shop for gifts at your site and let them know they can come back after shopping or prepare their gift message in advance.