eCard Gift Notices

How do I choose an eCard Gift Notice?

Go to “Gift Notices” to preview some samples, or  “Get Started”, choose a WebCam or eCard or Printable eCard Gift Notice to send (Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) and click on that gift notice. There are WebCam, Photo Upload, Printable, Printable Certificates (World’s Greatest Dad!, etc.) Many ways to notify a “Gift is On The Way!” or create a short link to insert on the package message area.

How long does it take to customize a WebCam or eCard Gift Notice?

This depends on how much thought and creativity you put into personalizing the Gift Notice. It can range from very quick (1 minutes) to maybe 4 minutes to create a WebCam or photo upload notice.

Can I suggest an eCard Gift Notice?

Sure, to our Facebook page and post a suggestion. We love your ideas!

Does it matter if I use ALL capital letters in my presentation?

Yes, using ALL caps limits your spacing and could cause part of your message to be cut off. You can use the Gift Notice Preview to check.

eCardGiftNotice.com?  What is it?

Upresent.com, founded in 2000 has provided gift notification services to top online retailers for years.  Renamed to eCardGiftNotice.com, it is now the FREE,  WebCam and eCard Gift Notice service, providing shoppers with a unique and personalized way to notify someone that “A Gift is On The Way!” or create a message for a short link to go into the message area of a packing slip, etc.

How exactly does it work?

There are two paths – You can buy your gift (preferably) starting in our Go Shopping Area, right click and save the photo of the gift or gifts you buy and upload or paste them into our Gift Notices after you create your Gift Message WebCam or Printable or eMailed.  OR, you can Create your WebCam, Printable or eCard Gift Notice, copy the “short link” provided at the end, Go Shopping for your gift and if the retailer offers a Gift Message Area, Insert the “short link” into the message area with something like: “I have also made a Gift Notice Message for you! Click http//ecgn.us_____ to see your message.

If linking from our clients, we take the information you have ordered from the retailer (a description and photo image) and incorporate it into a Gift Notice personalized by you, and it is then sent via e-mail to the recipient. (See Client Retailer List).

If the recipient does not open the eCard Gift Notice e-mail, will he still receive the gift I ordered for him?

Absolutely. eCardGiftNotice provides a means of gift purchase notification only. The physical delivery of the actual gift is handled by the retailer and is not dependent on the recipient viewing the presentation online.

How will I know if the recipient opened his or her e-mail notification of a gift?

We notify you as the Sender when the Recipient Views the Link to your Gift Message and we also CC you as the Sender so you have a copy too!

How do I use an eCard Gift Notice?

View the Video on the Home Page for more information, but after you have made your gift purchase at a client retailer’s site, click on the eCardGiftNotice banner ad on the confirmation page or confirmation or shipping emails or during check-out. Follow the easy step by step instructions to create a fun and memorable eCard Gift Notice! The gift image may be revealed or remain hidden from the recipient – It is up to you the sender!

OR shop at our other affiliate program links (or anywhere else you like) and insert the photo and gift detail information into the gift notice you create here.

OR Create Your WebCam or other Gift Notice here, save the “short link” and insert it into the message area of the retailer of your choice, or even hand write it onto the name tag of the gift, or greeting card you choose!

Can I buy a gift at this site and put it into a gift notice?

We would love it if you start at our select retailers; it is how we keep this FREE. You must link to one of our affiliate retailers, then after completing your purchases, return to our site.  But, you may also buy your gift anywhere online, or even in a store and take a photo, or create one for a home made handcrafted item.  We just want you to have a GREAT gift message!

Can I hide the gift image?

I love the gift notice but want to keep the actual gift a surprise; is that OK? Sure, just select Hide the Gift in the first step of creating the presentation. A wrapped gift image will be shown and they will know where the gift has been purchased, but other than that it will only be the hints you provide in the description and personalization areas!

What if the Gift Photo on the site is zoomable, so not able to be compied as a jpeg or png?

Copy the thumbnail if it’s offered rather than the large zoomable image. Otherwise you can do a screen capture, or seach Google image for the model
number.  Or you may be able to find the item at another large online retailer offering it, and use that image.

What if my favorite place to shop doesn’t offer WebCam or eCard Gift Notice?

It is likely that we are working to get them on board, but an e-mail from you suggesting they add this service or encourating them to add us to their affiliate program would be a good idea.  Meanwhile, feel FREE to use our service, even for gifts not purchased through our Go Shopping area.