Since 2000 eCardGiftNotices have been used to “Let Them Know a Gift is On the Way!” in the brands of partner retailers. Some retailers make them available from their sites, but not enough for us to feel good about consumers having the options available to them.

Now in 2013, we are making the Gift Notices and WebCam Gift Notices available directly from us – FREE! They can be used to create a link to your WebCam recorded message to insert into the message areas of your favorite retailer, you can upload the gift image to our service, or even photograph a homemade gift and Let Them Know The Gift is On The Way!  Or, simple add our “short link” to your gift package message area to have it arrive with the gift.

david-macmahan-bw1Our founder, David MacMahan created the service in 2000, after fifteen years of creating top selling gift products. David, and his typically men’s gift products (Revenger, Hero Hoops, WasteBaskets, Intercomedy, etc.)  sold millions of units worldwide in department stores, catalogs and TV shopping.  He and his products were also featured in media and print from Headline News, NPR, USAToday, NYTimes, People,  Newsweek, Fortune and more. He then focused on improving the emotional connections of “gifting”, made more challenging by families scattered far apart and online shopping limitations. David had a sincere desire to provide a way to establish fun, personal connections into the online gift giving process, AND to provide a way that allowed Last-Minute Gifts to be more viable. Since then some of the biggest online retailers have offered the service or have imitated the concept, or both, but the offerings and promotion have been limited.

Retailer Programs

We would love to work with all retailers where gifts are purchased to make this service available. There are several options ranging from just adding the link to your site to allow its use for your gift buyers, or simply having us join your affiliate network which also gets you listed in our Go Shopping area, to having the service offered totally in your brand, integrated into your check-out or as a simple link and bringing all recipients back to your home page. Contact us in the Retailer Section to become a part of our growing network of retail affiliated sites.

Location/Contact Information

Upresent.com, Inc.
P.O. Box 543
Somis, CA, 93066
For more information or with suggestions contact us or visit us on Facebook – eCardGiftNotice or email info@ecardgiftnotice.com